Be your beautiful self - take care of your skin

Self-love by its very nature is intimate. It is about you choosing how you love yourself. This vague and alien concept is often misunderstood. It seems to advocate selfishness and acceptance with no growth. It doesn't. It is actually an act of self improvement that skin care is one of the most fundamental acts of self-love.

Routine skin-care is more than a relaxing ritual. It's a gateway into self-love. You can make something that is so intangible into a daily habit and learn to accept it. These are few ways good skincare can help you start self-love.

Personal Hygiene means self-respect

Personal hygiene is the most basic level. This is skin care without the fancy creams, masks, or jade rollers. This is the cornerstone of skin health: washing our hair, brushing teeth, and bathing. According to National Health Services , cleanliness is an important way to keep your dignity. It's an act of self-respect that should not be taken for granted if you are able to do it yourself.


Self-Kindness is Skin Care

People turn to coping strategies to improve their mood in difficult situations. In 2021 famous whitepaper reveals that beauty care is becoming more popular in lockdowns. A survey of 562 people revealed that more than 35% are more concerned with looking after themselves, and 31% say they love themselves more.

In terms of consumption, there was an increase in skincare, suncare and supplements. People are choosing to be kind in stressful situations by focusing on products that "care" for their skin and promote healthy skin. While most women want to look beautiful, this pressure is not necessary at the moment. Instead, women want health. 

It's more than a desire to look better. It's about feeling better. It's also a form self-love. This means that one cares about their own happiness and well-being.

A routine is good for your health and well-being. A skincare routine not only provides structure and promotes organization but also improves your skin's health.