Daily skin and body routine

Daily skin and body routine 

Dermatologists, licensed beauticians and estheticians all talk about daily skin care routines , and praise those who follow them with great results. The simple daily skin care regimen has been endorsed by professionals for many years. There is no way to stop skin aging, but there are ways to make sure you have the best possible . A dermatologist claims that routine skin-care benefits go well beyond the radiant skin.

There is a direct correlation between skin and self-care. The article discussed how taking time to care for your skin can benefit your mental health. These daily treats will allow you to take time for yourself .

Let's now make a minor, but very important, adjustment to the above: following a daily skincare routine will help you look and feel great. This is a great way for clients to listen to your advice and follow a daily routine.

Cleanse your skin

It is important to insist on daily skin cleansing for your clients. It is important to emphasize the importance of proper cleansing, both morning and night. Smoke, makeup, air pollution, and dust all end up on our skin dehydrating it and rapidly aging it . I have a few suggestions based on your skin type for daily cleansing.

Any cleanser can be used for normal or combination skin. You don't need to search for specific brands or ingredients. Use the cleanser to clean your skin. If you have dry skin  I recommend using a hydrating cleanser. Rinse with warm or cold water. Dry skin requires a thorough exfoliation at least twice a week. You can find oil-free cleansers made specifically for oily skin. After cleansing, a good tonic will help eliminate excess oil. The beauty of oily skin, is that it appears younger due to its natural moisture. It is also less likely to develop wrinkles. Regular exfoliation is important to promote cell turnover and prevent the buildup of sebum in pores .

sensitive skin is not easy. Clients with sensitive skin should be more cautious when using cleansers. Look out for labels that say "gentle", calming, or non-irritating. Avoid any cleansers that contain acids, alcohols, mineral oils, perfumes, or other irritating chemicals.

 Always Moisturize

 There are light moisturizers for sensitive skin types, heavy ones with anti-aging ingredients for mature skin, moisturizing ones for dry and normal skin, as well as richer ones that have hydrating properties for those with oily skin.

Protect your skin from the sun

Sunscreen is now included in nearly every beauty product, from foundations to lipstick. Although it is a conscious decision by beauty companies,  I recommend that you encourage your clients to use different sunscreens. Sunburn is very serious. The first signs of sun damage can be seen in as little as 10 minutes. Every client should be reminded that even though skin cancer is considered very treatable, it can still cause serious health problems. 

No Makeup in the Bed!

This is a non-negotiable recommendation. In time, the skin damage, particularly to sensitive skin under-eyes, will be obvious. You will notice the signs of aging, such as deep lines, crows feet, breakouts and other "pleasureries". Everybody should use a cleanser and a good makeup remover. Your client may also use anti-aging creams or hydrating creams. They won't be capable of reaching the skin's layers through makeup.

 Treat Skin Problems

You should remember a simple rule: pimples and acne are caused by infections, irritations, breakouts, and pimples. Pimples, blackheads, and congestion are all caused by clogged pores and poorly cleansed skin. Excess oil, dead skin cells and clogged pores can trap bacteria and cause pus formation.