Is body butter safe for kids?

Your little one's delicate skin deserves nothing short of all natural and organic ingredients. From dry skin to maximum hydration and moisture, our 4 ingredient Baby Body Butter was handcrafted and formulated with genuine care to meet your little one's skin-care needs.

The instant hydrating effects and deep nourishment will leave your baby's skin soft and moisturized. While feeling weightless and non-greasy, our all natural Baby Body Butter formula makes it extremely gentle for all skin types.

 The Body Butter is specially formulated using four main ingredients: 

Key Benefits of Shea Butter:

  • A powerful moisturizer for dry skin.
  • Includes anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Helps promote the growth of healthy skin and hair cells.

Key Benefits of Mango Oil:

  • Protects the skin from sun damage.
  • Includes antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that help heal wounds and eczema.
  • Serves as an emollient by retaining the skin's barrier function.

Key Benefits of Cococa Oil

  • Improves scalp health.
  • Reduces itching and inflammation.
  • Contains high percentages of Vitamin E, Potassium, and other nutrients that will nourish and moisturize your skin.

Key Benefits of Apricot Oil:

  • Treats and soothes itching and rashes.
  • Protects skin from environmental pollutants and radiation.
  • Treats and prevents dry, flaking skin.


No Artificial Ingredients

Artificial fragrances and colors are not present in our Baby Body Butter. Since all products are all natural, the smell is bland.

No Added Alcohols, Chemicals Or Sulfates

Our Body Butter contains natural elements for keeping your baby's skin smooth and moisturized. It contains no drying alcohols, harmful chemicals, or sulfates.

Suitable For All Ages Including Adults

Not only do babies want healthy skin, but adults do as well. Especially during the dry season, adult skin craves hydration. Now as you know, our Baby Body Butter contains natural ingredients such including Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil and Vitamin E Oil. This makes it safe and effective for adults, as well. This body butter is well-suited not just for your baby, but also for your entire family.